Scrambled Eggs

I had gone to Chandigarh last 2 weeks ago and when we were coming back, my cousin decided to tag along. She was having vacations in school and had nothing else to do. She was with us for about 10 days. Everything was fine except for the fact that the girl has a phobia of food. It is a herculean task to get her to eat. It was torture to watch her eat 2 rotis with a teaspoon of vegetable and 2 teaspoons of dal, nibbling at the rotis at a pace that would make any sloth proud. It took her an hour to eat all this. I even suggested injecting liquid food directly in her bloodstream. No wonder she has a low haemoglobin count.

We tried different dishes, from fish to mutton keema, but she seemed to like nothing. She actually said, she didn’t like the taste of meat. How can anyone in their right frame of mind say that they don’t like the taste of meat? I can understand that her disgust of fish was my mistake, I showed her the freshly cut pieces, while it was being washed and marinated and she didn’t seem to like the smell of blood and the view and not everyone can handle it. But not liking meat, I wanted to ram my head somewhere.

One day I decided to make dinner for her. Since not many options were available, so I decided to serve breakfast i.e. eggs and bread, at around 8:00 PM. The menu was decided. It was going to be scrambled eggs and buttered toast. I got her to work along in the kitchen, so that her hunger glands would be stimulated.

The first thing we did was heat butter on pan, while beating the eggs in a bowl and mixing white pepper and salt in it. The concoction was poured in the pan and with a wooden spoon, the flowing egg was pushed inside. Now while making scrambled eggs a lot of care needs to be taken. It is not exactly “Bhurji” though it may look like one. You don’t stir the egg vigorously in the pan, but gently break it. Moreover, since it tends to cook quickly, the pan needs to be taken away from the fire in between and the egg is allowed to cook in its own heat. This is done about 3-4 times.

When it is almost done, pour cream on it. The cream should not be too thick or too fluid. Somewhere in between, like a viscous liquid. For each egg, 2 tablespoons of cream need to be added. Let the cream heat and then turn the as in the stove off. The pan would be hot enough for the egg and cream to cook. We don’t want it overcooked and the egg has to flow, not be dry.

Meanwhile, a few toasts were prepared and buttered. Egg was poured ever the toasts. Along with it I also made a drink out of strawberry crush and served it on the table.

I was a bit sceptical as the egg was a bit overcooked, since I had to pick up a phone in between, but surprises. She actually loved it and ate it. My grandfather even commented that it was the first time he was seeing her eat properly and happily since her arrival. I had never seen anyone so excited. She called her mom and told her the story and how she helped me in preparing dinner for her and to anyone who listened.

As far as I was concerned, yeah it felt good that I was able to get her to eat, but the rich egg dish cannot be eaten regularly, so had to think of what to do during the next meal time.

Next post in the food series will be about baking a cake…………Take Care

10 Responses to “Scrambled Eggs”
  1. Gaurav says:

    Looking delicious.

  2. Ramesh says:

    You are Mr. Modern Nalan.

    • Prateek says:

      Thank You for the compliment. By Nalan, I believe you refered to the Chinese, Qing Dynasty poet and writer. If not then do tell me what it meant. 🙂

  3. Sapna says:

    Thanks for the recipe 😛

  4. delhizen says:

    hmm….interesting! can’t say the same about the taste yet! just joking… I am sure it is tres delicious

    • Prateek says:

      Thank You. Will invite you to my house some day and will personally cook a 10 course meal for you, including scrambled eggs and 4 desserts. 🙂

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