How Not To Teach

Guest post by Harshad. Another CEan and has an interest in graphic designing. A multi-talented individual and is the first person in my age group, among people I know to get engaged. It happened earlier this year 😉

First of I want to congratulate Prateek as his blog is celebrating it’s one year completion and thanks for giving me chance to write a guest post here.

Well, I want to share a train incidence. I was traveling from Surat to Vadodara in Train and with luck or by chance I got a seat.

There was a family in the opposite seat, and the father seemed to be a devotee of some saint. He and his wife both, were chanting that saint’s name and were also forcing the son to do it… but the child’s response was weird. It seemed he did not want to follow his parents or he did not believe in that saint.

After an hour of silence, the man suddenly asked his son to sing a prayer of that saint and as the child was not in mood he replied that he will not. And for refusing his father slapped him thrice. On this a few passengers got into a verbal argument with the father, reproached him for beating his son. After 10-15 minutes the child complied with his father’s wishes and the matter ended.


I wonder why people force their child to follow a particular religion? No doubt, they are following a particular religion or saint but it doesn’t mean that you should force your son or your wife to do the same. If you really want that your child follows that religion or saint then guide him/her and teach the lessons of the particular religion. This is the only way they will be convinced to follow the things that you are asking. Physical and Mental torture is not the solution.

5 Responses to “How Not To Teach”
  1. nice post harshad 🙂
    just as you said people should stop trying to force their children into any religion. they should maybe tell stories some things like that to streamline the child’s mind 🙂

    good work harshad 🙂

  2. madhumitha says:

    another nice guest post 🙂

    and… its not just in religion that these kind of acts where the parents force the kids happens but also in a situation which may be a turning point in the kid’s life, e.g.: his higher studies. lets face it not all of them take medicine or engineering because they love it. it is just the parent’s pressure that makes them do so.
    and its really sad

    harshad, really good subject 🙂

  3. Nice Post Harshad.
    Its bad that still these days, We have that Parent’s force.
    And you are right, Parents have to tell them about the issues,good and bad softly in an understandable manner. But, kids take some time to know about it. The parents have to stop harassing them.
    Hope soon we will get rid of such things…..
    Once again, Good post Harshad.

  4. @CP,Madhumitha,Sahithi:- Thanks

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