The River Reclaims her Land and her Glory

More than normal rain in the Northern plains and the Himilaya’s means that the rivers are overflowing now. One of them is The Yamuna along whose banks Delhi is built. Over the past years Yamuna had been reduced to the state of a sewage distributary. And the government has spent thousands of crores to clean … Continue reading

A New Member Joins The Family

Before anyone raises any questions, I would like to clarify that the new member is inanimate. We had booked a car a month ago and it got delivered today. Hyundai i20 Sportz, Diesel engine. Pictures are worth more than words, therefore, uploading a few snaps of the same.

Coffee Anyone?

A still-life potrait of a coffee mug which was kept at a table in front of me…….

Colours of Twilight

These were taken during my recent trip to Punjab. The Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi was an hour late and during the journey the twilight sky looked beautiful over the fields of Punjab and Haryana. I tried to capture the natural colours of the of the sky. The constant vibration and jolts of the moving train made … Continue reading


The spider was sitting on the tyre of my motorcycle, two days ago. It was a big one about 2 inches in body length and I am not counting the size of it’s legs. And that is why I stalked it for a while with my camera while it loooked for an escape route on … Continue reading

Spotted Dove

Since the writer in me has gone on a vacation, I went back to my camera and the wild. Uploading the snap of a Spotted Dove that was resting on the street light. Also spotted; Myhan, Koel, White-throated Kingfisher, Black Drongo, TailorBird, Magpie Robin, Coppersmith Barbet, Green Bee Eater, Peacock and Cattle Egret. Will try … Continue reading

Funny Signboards

During my various trips, I have seen many signboards that cause a laughter attack on you. Like the one outside an eatery in Panipat that claimed to serve all types of veg and non-veg “snakes” along with various drinks. Such humourous boards can be seen everywhere across the country. My recent trip was no different … Continue reading

Tweeting in the Rain

Delhi woke up to light showers and a cool breeze today. It was a respite from the searing heat of the past few weeks. I captured a winged couple enjoying the weather sitting on the top branches of a 60 feet Eucalyptus.

Arachnida Araneae

This type of spider has been living in my room since we moved into this house. Maybe, it was it’s great great great great…..grand ancestors whom I first met, but my room is this families kingdom. It was sitting on my curtain and the sun was shining from behind. I went very close and used … Continue reading

Crowing About

I bought a new camera, Nikon P100 and have been having a lot of fun using it. Uploading a few snaps I took with it. The hero of this particular photo is a crow who came to a drinking bowl, had his fill and then picked up a twig, that would act as raw material … Continue reading

Road Sense

Clicked yesterday on Kasturbha Gandhi Marg, CP, Delhi. A number of cars(I could only get two in the snap) were parked in front of the signboard.  Its high time we also start being responsible citizens and follow rules instead of blaming others.

Failed Attempt

Three days ago, in a park in front of my house. An Eagle was sitting majestically on a tall Eucalyptus Tree. Took out my mobile and climbed a nearby tree to get a snap, but the subject was sitting too high up. Thats the reason why I have decided to call this “Failed Attempt”


Location: Udiapur Palace Date: November, 2009 Camera: 2 MP, Mobile Camera….make Nokia


Clicked these photos near in the middle of the raod in front of my house. It was having a sun bath. Had to lie down and had time for only two shots before the “cold blooded” creature ran away.

Oil and Water

Uploading photographs of two paintings made by my mother. She copied them from some photograph. The first one is an oil painting. This one has been done using water colours.