Me And Other Animals…..And Birds And Insects

I now firmly believe that I emit some kind of wild life attracting pheromone. The recent escapade with a mare proved the point. I love animals, that many know and the rest know now. But the attraction is not one-sided it seems. My room has spiders and they crawl all over me. And a few … Continue reading

Shardool – Part 4

This is the fourth and the final part. Previously: Shardool 1, Shardool 2, Shardool 3 On his way back he bought some chains. He had decided that Shardool cannot be let loose in the night. He will have to chain him till a permanent solution could be found. Things went peacefully till one day a … Continue reading

The Wild Side of Delhi

I live in the city called New Delhi which is both a big metropolitan city and the capital of India.  Despite all this, Delhi is also one of the world’s most greenest cities. And the colony I live in, called “Shalimar Bagh” is one of the greenest areas in Delhi with more than 60% green … Continue reading

Shardool – Part 3

Previously: Shardool – Part 2 Since his last adventure Shardool had become quite vary of mirrors. He treated them like a source of evil magic. His body always quivered in front of one. He was now one year old and was able to fend off for himself, but it would be almost another year before … Continue reading

Shardool – Part 2

This is Part – 2 of the story titled Shardool. For those who missed Part – 1 here is the link: Shardool-1 Shardool was growing stronger by the day and Venkatesh understood that the farmhouse, though spread over a large area, was too small a playground for him. He needed the open air; he was … Continue reading

Not a mad cow

Going nuts over nuting’

Horsing Around

The pictures are a bit light so you would have to tilt your screen a bit.