Maverick Journals – 3: The Mad Man Returns

Act-2, Scene-1 The Mad Man Returns: The bus moves at a constant pace. The Indian Countryside keeps shifting. The trees move behind with same pace. Relativity. Am I moving. Or that house. Relativity. It is a bitch. Time Frame. Frame of View. A board comes. An advertisement. Dr. Pal. Sex Specialist. Claims to cure everything. … Continue reading

Maverick Journals – 2

3rd – 4th February 2011 The brooding continues. Was tagged. Zephyr did it first. Pal followed. Not like in US. Had been two days. The country burns. Nay the world burns. Anger. See it. Feel it. It grows. But no focus. Is wild. Needs focus. Haven’t slept for 40 hours. Sleep alludes. Work to do. … Continue reading

Maverick Journals

Warning: Written in a Dark tone. Starts a bit light and slowly becomes darker. January 28 –  29, 2011 – Why am single? Was asked this question again by someone. As usual ducked. Changed topic of conversation. But going to quote or rather make own quote. Distorting Groucho Marx’s to suit purpose: “Wouldn’t want to … Continue reading