Love Shove and all that Shit

Disclaimer: I am not drunk, neither am I under the influence of any drugs or chemicals. No one has threatened me to write this post and aliens have not brainwashed me. I am not delirious and am not suffering from any known mental illness (but I could be suffering from one that has not been … Continue reading

The Saturday Library Etiquettes

Silence Please Be Quite Shhh…You Are In a Library Please Keep the Books Back Remember the signs in the Library? They are still there…somewhere. I had this “once in a week opportunity” to visit the British Council Library in New Delhi on a Saturday. I am a regular member and usually do my studies there….far … Continue reading

Fiasco at Comic Con – Day 2

For Part 1, click here: Here ……My plans for tomorrow were being formed while I clicked the straw that now graced the empty glass of fruit beer. Click…again…I wasn’t pleased with the first one. Have you ever had the feeling that the person in front of you would drop dead? I had that feeling as … Continue reading

Delhi of my Childhood

The third guest post is courtesy Purba Ray. She is quite a name in the blog world. My first interaction was when I happened to check her blog via Indiblogger. After commenting on each others posts and exchanging one line emails, we finally added each other on GTalk. A teacher(in the good old days), mother, … Continue reading