The Year That Was

2014 was a strange year in more ways than one. Indian Politics, Azam Khan, Rahul Gandhi, Kim Kardashian, Modi, Nicki Minaj, Mamata Banerjee, Arvind Kejriwal, Baba Rampal, Indian Elections, Muffler Man….they all ensured that it was fun and exciting.


New Years Resolution Updated

I wrote my New Years resolution a few days back. I just want to update it a bit. All I said about myself was true but now I believe that I don’t have to change myself. Those who are my friends will always be with me and for others, no matter how hard I try … Continue reading

New Year Resolution

I had never made any New Year resolutions but this year I wish to make one. I wish to change myself into a better human being. Frankly, I do not consider myself a good friend. I am impulsive and prone to say things that hurt other people. Always keeping my true feelings for someone suppressed, … Continue reading