The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.


The Sock Gang Chronicles – 5

Previously: Episode 4

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 4

Previously: Episode 3

The Sock Gang Chronicles – 3

Update on the comic series. A special thanks to Miss Trisha Ray for chipping in with a few ideas. 🙂 For the late comers: Part 1 and Part 2                                                    

Me And Other Animals…..And Birds And Insects

I now firmly believe that I emit some kind of wild life attracting pheromone. The recent escapade with a mare proved the point. I love animals, that many know and the rest know now. But the attraction is not one-sided it seems. My room has spiders and they crawl all over me. And a few … Continue reading

Practicing for the Games

Preparations for the commonwealth which will be held in Delhi (hopefully this year), are in full swing. And our sporting stars are not far behind. Since the last few weeks a number of them have been captured on camera, training for their event(s). Lack of training facility in the country means that sometimes, they have … Continue reading

A Narcissist Speaks

I wrote this as a guest post for Mayur’s Blog on the occasion of it’s second annivesary. Check it out to read more cool blog posts by other bloggers and Mayur himself is an excellent writer. Since my birth I have been degrading the qualities of others, refusing to acknowledge that they had any talent … Continue reading

People for Ethical Treatment of Plants – PETP

We have a lot of societies that call for ethical treatment of animals. They call themselves vegans and are proud of their choice. And they look at people like me i.e. pure carnivores with disgust and leave no stone unturned into reminding us that we are monsters and deserve to be tortured in the deepest … Continue reading