Me And Other Animals…..And Birds And Insects

I now firmly believe that I emit some kind of wild life attracting pheromone. The recent escapade with a mare proved the point. I love animals, that many know and the rest know now. But the attraction is not one-sided it seems. My room has spiders and they crawl all over me. And a few … Continue reading

The River Reclaims her Land and her Glory

More than normal rain in the Northern plains and the Himilaya’s means that the rivers are overflowing now. One of them is The Yamuna along whose banks Delhi is built. Over the past years Yamuna had been reduced to the state of a sewage distributary. And the government has spent thousands of crores to clean … Continue reading

What’s New in the News?

Reading the newspapers and watching the news channels is an emotional roller coaster ride nowadays. In a span of half an hour you are bound to feel different emotions, varying from amusement to pity, anger to exasperation, and wonder to a blank feeling inside. Your eyes will roll, cry, widen, shrink, and stare blankly all … Continue reading