The Great Indian Circus

Politics is stranger than reality. Masks come on, masks come off, masks are exchanged. Friends stab each other and foes shake hands.


A Tale of Multiple Political Parties – The Indian Elections of 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of time! – everyone was winning, everyone was losing  The 2014 Lok Sabha Election, or for the people of Bombay and Bangalore the most epic reality show in the history of reality shows (I am pretty sure they were trying to send votes via SMS). The … Continue reading

A Night with Mallu Porn

Who am I? I am you. Maybe I am most of you. Maybe I am none of you. For the universe I am a microscopic blimp on the face of time, but that is for the philosophers to philosophize and I am certainly not one. For you I am the mind’s curiosity. I am the … Continue reading

A Khap Writes!

I got hold of a page from the diary of a Khap leader. The name has been kept anonymous for security reasons….my own security to be precise. Kay shor lagaya se? These media are fools. Always making troubles. Yo hai kay in hamaar village, I am not just the Head Khap but also Chief Scientist … Continue reading

Doctors and the Forces

Two opposite words you say? No, dear sirs and madams, I was not attempting to add-on to the already bursting list of oxymorons. Some of the newest entries to this list include and I quote “Singing Sensation Bieber” “Writer Chetan Bhagat” among others. Since, I have already made it clear, along with examples, of what I wish … Continue reading

Surviving a Party

Wrote this post for Campughanta. Please click on the link to read it there: Surviving a Party The speakers blared the latest Honey Singh hit, as I downed my 4th shot of Vodka. The DJ had played the song 8 times, since the jam session had started about an hour ago. I was beginning to hate … Continue reading

A Narcissist Speaketh

Since my birth I have been degrading the qualities of others, refusing to acknowledge that they had any talent whatsoever, whereas I am the pinnacle of human evolution, the ultimate human being who cannot be beaten in any field. So, in short I am your friendly neighbourhood narcissist. Now you people must be guessing what … Continue reading

The Treasure Hunt

The second comic I made at the Comic Con. The same doodles have been used. Again the concept is a bit dark. The theme is based around the Latin phrase “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” which roughly translates to “Who will guard the guardians” or “Who will guard the guards”. P.S. Apologies for the bad scanning

Maverick Journals – 3: The Mad Man Returns

Act-2, Scene-1 The Mad Man Returns: The bus moves at a constant pace. The Indian Countryside keeps shifting. The trees move behind with same pace. Relativity. Am I moving. Or that house. Relativity. It is a bitch. Time Frame. Frame of View. A board comes. An advertisement. Dr. Pal. Sex Specialist. Claims to cure everything. … Continue reading

Over-reliance on GPS

Technology can be a boon, until we become totally dependent on it; then it is a bane. As more and more people are relying on gadgets, more than their common sense, incidences like these may not be far away.   Related Articles:  Spot The Similarity!!! Comics/Graphic Novels Sock Gang Chronicles – 1 Sock Gang Chronicles – … Continue reading


        A guest post by Mayank Sharma. The man behind the famous blog: What The Fuck Is Going On A government employ by the day and a stand up comic at night, he can be seen performing at various amateur stand up comedy events in and around Delhi. A good friend, a … Continue reading

The Saturday Library Etiquettes

Silence Please Be Quite Shhh…You Are In a Library Please Keep the Books Back Remember the signs in the Library? They are still there…somewhere. I had this “once in a week opportunity” to visit the British Council Library in New Delhi on a Saturday. I am a regular member and usually do my studies there….far … Continue reading

The Game

It has been a while since we were at it. A battle…a battle of wits. Three men, facing each other, like the penultimate scene of “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. Not exactly a Mexican stand off (see image), because here one will be winning. The room is filled with the sound of silence. … Continue reading

Maverick Journals

Warning: Written in a Dark tone. Starts a bit light and slowly becomes darker. January 28 –  29, 2011 – Why am single? Was asked this question again by someone. As usual ducked. Changed topic of conversation. But going to quote or rather make own quote. Distorting Groucho Marx’s to suit purpose: “Wouldn’t want to … Continue reading