One Hashtag to Save the World

In continuation to a post I had written on March 2012, LINK for Purba Ray’s blog, I write this post after weeks of deliberation. A strange new fad had gripped the world about 15 days ago. Suddenly, everyone one was dumping ice cold water on themselves, recording it and then challenging others to do likewise. … Continue reading

Why should I write?

I have been away from the blogging scene for some time now. Each time someone asks, I give an excuse. But they are just excuses, nothing more. Frankly I should only blame my lethargy and the lack of will to sit down and type a few words. Sometimes my head is full of ideas. Some … Continue reading

An Unfinished Poem

It makes no sense and I have no idea why I wrote this –  We walk alone,        in this stage of life. The sacred truth,       is quintessentially a strife.   What truth I seek,       in forgone acquaintances. The essence of love,       or its subtle … Continue reading

The Old Man

Posting a story I had written a long time back It was a beautiful morning on the hills of Darjeeling. I had woken up early (around 2:00 A.M.) to visit Tiger Hill, the summit of Ghoom about 11 km from the city. The main attraction of the place is the view of the sunrise over … Continue reading

Thesis: Delhi Metro Might Be a PN Junction Diode

Fever does amazing things to you. An empty mind is the Devil’s workshop they say. And lying on the couch, doing nothing can generate many thoughts in the head. Some make sense, some may not, but I will share them all anyway. I have been travelling in the metro since a long time now, courtesy … Continue reading

The Power Is Yours!!

This post was written for Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment. For some reason, that didn’t happen and therefore am now publishing it here. But do check out their site. They are doing some awesome work. Many of you will remember the series “Captain Planet” It was a cartoon that was aired on … Continue reading

Of Heroes

The steam from the cup of coffee whirls itself into a myriads of different shapes. As the sugar particles slowly immerse into the the hot beverage through the thick foam, so does this thought penetrate into my mind. What is a hero? The word of Greek origin, was used to describe demi-gods who showed such … Continue reading

The Titli Effect

Mathematically related to chaos theory as a dependence on initial condition. It is a theory of how a small change at one place can bring about a huge difference later on. Ek Titli, an organization working for the environment, believes in a similar theory. And they have a desire to bring  it out from texts … Continue reading

Random: Memories

Just another random, unedited and disorganized post…. In life we meet different people. Some become special, some stick, some leave, some just come in for a fleeting moment. Some you hate, some you love, some you pity. Some make you cry, some make you laugh, some make you want to kill. But for every person … Continue reading

Think and Answer – 1

Most of the times my brain is filled with questions. And I keep pondering over them. I have an annoying habit of asking random, out of the blue questions. And it is usually a few till now whom I have tortured 😉 But now, I think, once in a while I will be a bore … Continue reading

Thermopylae of the East

The Battle of the Tennis Court has been described by Earl Mountbatten as the Thermopylae of the East. The battle was a turning point in the Battle of Kohima. It was a battle within a battle. probably one of the greatest battles in history… in effect the Battle of Burma… naked unparalleled heroism… the British/Indian … Continue reading

Saga of Salagarhi

12th September is a day celebrated by the Sikh Regiments of the Indian Army as Salagarhi Day. In remembrance of the 21 braves who fought and laid down their lives against an enemy force of 10000, in the famous last stand at the Salagarhi Post, during the Tirah Campaigh in 1897. The 21 Sikhs from … Continue reading

Let Go

Letting go is one of the hardest lessons in life, Yet over changing seasons and passing time, You will have to learn to let go of certain People, relationships, situations and things, That fall way beyond your control. – Fion Lim, Let Go I read an article by Jug Suraiya or rather by his deceased … Continue reading

Home Waste Composting

A few weeks ago I had written a post about Pre-cycling. In this post I will expand on New Bloom’s project on it. As I had mentioned earlier, this project was first started by Mrs. Poonam Bir Kasturi’s Daily Dump in Bangalore and we took the idea from them to promote it in Delhi. The … Continue reading

The River Reclaims her Land and her Glory

More than normal rain in the Northern plains and the Himilaya’s means that the rivers are overflowing now. One of them is The Yamuna along whose banks Delhi is built. Over the past years Yamuna had been reduced to the state of a sewage distributary. And the government has spent thousands of crores to clean … Continue reading