And We Fail Again

The rage builds up. It is a cyclic process. They get angry. They will protest. Online petition. Candle light vigils. Poems. Blogs. Articles. Discussions. Share images of brutal justice from around the world……………India vs England…..T20……..everyone forgets. Another incident…the cycle starts again. Anger is a good thing. But if it does not amount to anything, then … Continue reading

Section 377 and the Gays

As the debate on the issue of same sex heated up, the Government’s stand on it had the twitter abuzz. Committing one faux pas after another, the Home Ministry tied itself into knots. The topic at hand was the decriminalization of Gay sex. Now, I am neither for gay sex nor am I against it. … Continue reading

Bombay High Court Sentences Ajmal Kasab to Death By High Cholesterol

Nov 2011, Mumbai, India: Ajaml Kasab, the terrorist caught during the Mumbai attack in 2008 has been sentenced to “Death by high cholesterol” In a unique dispensing of justice, the Bombay Court has ordered that Kasab be served the greasiest foods including the choicest mutton dishes like Biriyani and Keema with butter Naans, till his … Continue reading

Euthanasia: For or Against it?

Euthanasia or mercy killing is the practice of ending a life painlessly and without any suffering. It has been a topic of debate since a long time. I read a report on the front page of Times of India, that the Supreme Court has admitted a plea to end a woman, Aruna Ramachandra Shanbaug’s life, … Continue reading